"Enriching Aging Societies"

The world’s population is aging. A lot of innovation in required to help older adults stay active, healthy and happy. We are committed to designing and developing products and services which can enrich aging societies by leveraging advantages in Japan and Asia, such as high-end processing technologies, high-quality materials, and sophisticated manufacturing supply chains.


"Reinforcing Abilities"

Aging often leads to decrease in physical and mental capacity. Our aim is to reinforce and amplify such capacity with wearable products and AI/IoT/Robotics, etc., without discomfort.
      We are committed to improving quality of life(QoL) of the aging population. No matter how good their functionality, people don’t want to use products that make them feel uncomfortable. Discomfort decreases the QoL. Recent revolution in materials enables a superior level of wearability. Ultra-soft materials provide significant benefits, including virtually no feeling of touch. However, it’s almost impossible to assemble products with ultra-soft materials by traditional engineering approaches, such as gluing, hooking, tightening screws, etc. So, design innovation is necessary to achieve both functionality and QoL. 


"Ultra-Soft Meets Biomimicry"

Because traditional approaches don’t work, we had to seek other ways and discovered great potential in biomimicry.
As you know, body parts of organisms are not flat, nor spherical, symmetric or homogeneous, and most parts are made of soft materials. Each Part is connected by very different mechanisms than those used in artificial methods. Although materials are soft and often very thin, organisms are fairly robust as a whole. Not only that, their functionalities are often superior to engineering results. For instance, a dragonfly’s flying ability is superior to most aircraft in terms of flexibility, and a  gecko’s walking ability is superior to any robots in that they can walk on a wall and even on water. The picture below is a valve, we designed it by mimicking a human venous valve. It can work even with ultra-low water pressure which conventional valves can’t.
   A biomimetic approach enables us to realize many functions which used to be impossible via conventional engineering approaches. Ultra-soft materials are just beginning to come into widespread use.  As a pioneer standing at the intersection between ultra-soft materials and biomimicry, we create and produce unique and excellent products with unprecedented functionality.