About Kakucho-Body “TIMESHIFT”

The first product of 'Body Extension,' TIMESHIFT, is a continence care product designed for men. It is targeted towards individuals who can independently put on and remove the product.

  • Individuals experiencing urinary leakage after prostate-relate surgery.
  • People facing difficulty with urinary issues during outdoor sports or at events where restrooms are not readily available.
  • Those who want to continue being active in work and leisure without the worry of urinary incontinence.
  • Individuals with work-related constraints that limit their access to toilets freely.

We conducted clinical tests at Kanazawa University Hospital and field tests primarily in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Starting from January 4, 2024, we initiated test sales.


Mr. O
Kanagawa prefecture


“For me, TIMESHIFT is a beacon of hope. Following prostate cancer surgery, I experienced urinary incontinence, necessitating the use of diapers or pads. Thanks to TIMESHIFT, I’ve been able to go to Tokyo for theater performances, drive to Izu and Hakone, and even take a trip to Ise. My next goal is to challenge myself to a round of golf on the golf course.”

Yuji Kotari


“What drew me most to this product is not just my past struggles with leaks, but primarily ‘dignity.’ No one wants to admit to wearing diapers. Nobody wants others to know that they are wearing diapers. It’s not at all a bulky apparatus. It’s as if wearing it as a part of one’s body, one can relieve oneself. Lamenting the lost bodily function won’t change anything. However, if a second organ that supplements the lost urge to urinate could be created, there would be nothing better than that. To live true to oneself, I want to show a bit of swagger.”

(Here is the original text link: https://www.minnanokaigo.com/news/kohtari/letter116/)
(* The text has been translated from Japanese to English by Intron Space, Inc, we take responsibility for the English translation) 

Ms. A
Visiting Care Business Owner and Caregiver


“Surprisingly, I was able to put it on in about 20 seconds, including the ring. Other caregivers had a similar experience. The patient himself was initially surprised by the ease of wearing and no feeling of pressure, saying, ‘Huh? Is it already on?’ We tried various situations, starting with urination while being cautious about leaks, followed by urination in the cramped posture of a wheelchair, but it continued to fit perfectly without any leaks in the initial state of wear.
The caregiver was delighted, saying that with this, it’s okay even if the caregiver is not around all the time. Thank you very much for this truly wonderful product.”

(※) Ms.A is currently using our upcoming second-generation product, which is designed to make wearing easier, on a trial basis.

Product Overview


The term "Time Shift" is a neologism created by Sony's co-founder Akio Morita in the early 1980s. Originally, it meant "everyone has the right to time-shift television broadcasts." Sony won a landmark copyright case with this assertion, and thanks to the concept of "Time Shift", today, people can easily enjoy videos on TV, PC, and smartphones.

Since then, over 40 years have passed, and the average age in Japan has risen from 34 to 48, and the world has also experienced an aging population.

If there were a tool that could handle uncontrollable physiological phenomena by time-shifting, one could enjoy life more. Even if faced with urinary issues, you could regain the same lifestyle as before.

This is why it was named TIMESHIFT.

“Man as a tool maker has the ability to make a tool that can
amplify an inherent ability that he has. ”

- Steve Jobs

Another reason for naming it TIMESHIFT is that this term marked the era when Japanese products astonishingly dominated the world from the 1980s to the 1990s, bringing about numerous consumer goods that enriched lives. Embracing the reality of Japan being the world's leading aging society in a positive light, the name reflects the aspiration to bring many healthcare products that enrich lives to the world with the concept of Kakucho-Body.